Nasim Soltan Beigi: I have A Dream…A Dream Of Freedom…

Nasim Soltan Beigi before Departing for Evin Prison: I have A Dream…A Dream of Freedom…
Former Allameh Tabatabaei University student activist, Nasim Soltan Beigi reported to Evin on Saturday to start serving her three years prison term.

Nasim Soltan Beigi was sentenced to six years imprisonment by Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court. Her sentence included: 3 years on charges of “Anti-national Security Acts”, one year for “Propagating against the Regime”, and a 2-year suspended term for a case filed against her in 1987.

Upon appeals, her case was sent to the Court of Appeals for review.

Prior to her last arrest, Nasim was arrested in 2007 and later released on a 50 Million Toman bail. Previous to that, she was arrested in 2006 during a women’s rights activists’ protest. This arrest resulted in a two year suspended prison sentence.

Soltan Baigi had worked as an environmental and urban reporter for various newspapers and publications, such as Sabz Press, Shargh and Arman.

Prior to her departure to Evin she wrote on her Facebook page:
“And the earth spun until finally it stopped at the point where Evin is….the bells rang again, the doors were knocked and the summons arrived…’s time to depart, and the clamor of moments are a relentless call of readiness….these are strange times my darling…..times that even the insiders are being imprisoned, much less for us outsiders….

These days even the sky is in a turmoil….and disasters relentlessly occur one after another….and it was during one of these storms that finally the bells also rang for me…..the bells that I had been awaiting for some time now…I must go….I must go for the third time….I don’t know how long those thick walls and doors will be my host and the host of many others like me…but what was in our voices that we must be enchained this way?

Darkness may naively believe that it has the power to enchain Freedom… crime is believing….believing that in a humane world the wolves are not human….my crime is counting the days till we achieve this realm of humanity….

These days I continuously murmur to myself…..I….I have a dream…a dream of Freedom….the dream of a continuous dance of joy…I have a dream….a dream of awakening kind….a dream of soothing this recurring pain…..the pain of the world that is being stripped of Love…the pain of a tree that is drying from its roots….the pain of women that are sentenced to torments….or the children that must labor…my dreams becoming reality is the cure for my pain…..the cure for these pains is the world that I long for….

This is my dream…..a world without hatred…..a world without hatred is my dream….I….I have a dream, a dream of many colors…a dream of a Green world without any war….I have a dream that is not impossible…a world void of stop signs….a world that does not manufacture bombs and missiles…does not drop bombs on sleeping children…a world where prisons don’t exist…and people don’t die for the crime of asking questions….people don’t die….”

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