Women of Evin: Ward 209

“I feel if they would read my book, they would understand our world and maybe rethink the way they treat us”

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Iranian journalist spread the story of Jila-Baniyaghoob in prison. Purchase her book, “Women of Evin: Ward 209” on Amazon and share it with your friends, family, and organization members .
"Womenof Evin: Ward 209", documents Baniyaghoob’s time spent in Iran’s Evin Prison, the detention center for the Iranian secret police. Baniyaghoob was later sentenced to a year in Evin Prison beginning in 2012 and banned from journalism for 30 years for covering peaceful women’s rights protests.

To read more about Jila Baniyaghoob, her amazing story, and what she is trying to accomplish for the women of Iran, please click here!

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