Green movement activists thank Ban ki-moon

We are writing this letter to you to express our gratitude for and appreciation of the positions that you took during your trip to Tehran. We are aware that, as you frankly mentioned in Tehran, many people, had advised you against going to Tehran.
We strongly believe that you made a courageous decision to go to Tehran. You may have paved the way for further negotiations and finding diplomatic solutions for the difficult problems that our homeland, Iran, is currently grappling.
What you did in Iran during your three days of stay brought delight to the millions of ordinary Iranians who are frustrated and repressed, suffering not only from the authoritarian and unaccountable governance, but also from tough economic sanctions and the threat of war. You were completely right when you invited all sides, as you put it in your speech in Tehran, to believe in “the power of engagement, the power of diplomacy.”
It is remarkable that you emphasized that your trip and your positions were praised “by both the Iranian people and the Government leadership.” It is remarkable because it creates an opening for the dissidents that their fundamental rights are violated, dissidents whose criticisms and social activism are being interpreted by the Government’s leader as “a threat to the society or the state.”
During your meeting with the Government’s leader you urged “to release opposition leaders, human rights defenders, journalists and social activists to create the conditions for free expression and open debate. It is especially important for the voices of Iran’s people to be heard during next year’s presidential election.” You invited “Iran to strengthen cooperation with the human rights mechanisms of the United Nations, in particular the Special Rapporteur.” You mentioned "The United Nations and the international community are fully behind the people of Iran in your long struggle for democracy and human rights. The first human rights charter was developed by Cyrus 2,500 years ago"
We would like to convey our very special thanks because of your brilliant echo of the voice an overwhelming majority of Iranian people, the voice that we and other Iranian freedom seekers had conveyed in our open letters to you.
It is deeply regrettable that the Iranian government turned down your request to visit Mr. Mir Hossein Mousavi, who has been under house arrest since February 2010, and to meet with former President Mohammad Khatami.
We believe that your first trip to Iran, as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, is highly valuable, in terms of both foreign and domestic issues, that our people are facing with. It has opened new horizons for better understanding, dialogue and cooperation with the international community. We, therefore, urge you to pursue by all means the goals of putting an end to the gross violations of human rights, promoting free and fair elections, stopping economic sanctions, and preventing military attacks on our country, Iran. We believe that the pursuit of such noble goals are supported by the widest range of social groupings in Iran.
We take the opportunity to also express our heartfelt appreciation and admiration for your fair and balanced judgment about the achievements of our nation throughout its history, and in the contemporary time.
Finally, we would like to thank you for your support, message of condolences and very kind words, addressed to the survivors of the recent catastrophic earthquakes in the East Azerbaijan Province, as well as to the entire Iranian nation.
Mohammad Saber Abbasian, Mehrdad Abolghasemi, Asdhar Akbari, Masoud Alizadeh, Mehdi Amini, Vahab Ansari, Shahin Anzali, Sajedeh Arab Sorkhi, Kamran Ashtary, Mir Ardavan Assadi, Azadeh Assadi, Shohreh Asemi, Roshanak Astaraki, Ayandeh Azad, Ali Azadan, Shabnam Azar, Farzaneh Azimi, Yousef Azizi Benitorof, Hamid Beheshti, Minoo Badiee, Parviz Barati, Farzaneh Bazrpour, Abdolali Bazargan, Mehdi Beidaghi, Mohammad Borghei, Arzhang Borhan Azad, Hamidreza Borhani, Sassan Deilamani, Shirin Daghighian, Akbar Doostdaar, Gudarz Eghtedari, Bahram Emami, Nasir Emami, Bita Eslami, Zinat Esmailzadeh, Amir Etedali, Ruzbeh Etedali, Shahram Fadakaar, Pouyan Fakhraei, Reza Faani Yazdi, Ahmad Farhadi, Siamak Farid, Farshid Faryabi, Masoud Fathi, Keyvan Forouzan, Ali Forouzandeh, Ali Fotovvati, Mehdi Fatapour, Reza Ganjareh, Mehdi Gholi Aghdam, Jafar Ghadimkhani, Kobra Ghasemi, Maryam Ghashghavi, Ali Hossein Ghazizadeh, Sanaz Ghazizadeh, Sanam Ghiyaei, Abtin Ghaffari, Ahmad Hadavi, Reza Hadji, Fatemeh Haghighatjoo, Seyed Emad Hashemi, Richard Hollister, Mohsen Heydarian, Kamal Hosseini, Ahmad Hamidzadeh, Ali Honari, Jafar Hosseinzadeh, Hassan Jafari, Atefeh Jafari, Saeid Jafari, Vahid Jafari, Ahmad Jalali Farahani, Farzad Javaheri, Sanam Javouni, Mehdi Jami, Farshid Khatmian, Hassan Kalantari, Sadegh Kaar, Naser Karami, Aziz Karamloo, Babak Karimi, Reza Karimi, Morteza Kazemian, Omid Keshtkaar, Mahmoud Kord, Morteza Kord, Masoud Kord, Hamid Kothari, Mohsen Kadivar, Behrouz Khaligh, Esmaeil Khataei, Ramin Khorsandi, Mostafa Khosravi, Saideh Kordinezhad, Amirhossain Motaqi, Ashraq Mirhashemi, Masoumeh Mahmoudi, Milad Malek, |Arvin Malek, Sahar Mousavi, Ali Mazrooei, Hanif Mazrooei, Mehdi Mohseni, Javad Motevali, Maliheh Mohammadi, Azad Moradiyan, Farid Monemi, Manouchehr Mokhtari, Mohsen Moheymani, Sara Mahrouian, Nooshin Manouchehri, Majid Movahed, Jafar Monazam, Fahime Mellaty, Ebrahim Nabavi, Hojjat Narenji, Davoud Navaeiyah, Linda Newman, Hasan Nayeb Hashem, Ali Nikooee, Mehdi Noorbakhsh, Shahin Noorbakhsh, Farrokh Negahdar, Mehdi Nozar, Ahmad Nejati, Mohammad Sajad Naghavi, Mohammad Orsi, Habib Parzin, Saeid Pourheydar, Omid Pour Mohammad Ali, Dariush Parsa, Bizhan Pirzadeh, Reza Pirzadeh, Vicky Pitchford, Saeid Peyvandi, Mohsen Poorhosseini, Ali Pournaghavi, Catman Purrfect, Bijan Pour Behnam, Alireza Qarabaqi, Mohsen Rahmati, Seyed Akbar Rohani, Mana Rezaeian, Hossein Razaghi, Sohrab Razzaghi, Yasna Rezaeian, Azita Rezvan, Farhad Rouhi, Farhang Rezaei, Hamid Saalek, Mohammad Saaber, Morteza Sadeghi, Bali Sadeghi, Mahmoud Sadri, Mohammad Sahimi, Hossein Samakaar, Ali Samad, َAbbas Salimi, Masoud Shabafrooz, Saeid Shams, Carolyn Sheetz, Atoussa Sadr, Soheila Shafaghi, Ahmad Salamatian, Hamid Shirazi, Siamak Soltani, Dariush Soltani, Sajjad Shahmoradi, Rouhollah Shahsavaar, Hesan Shariati, Ali Shakeri, Hadi Sobhani, Amir Hossein Seraji, Radin Salehi, Majid Tamjidi, Arefe Tajzadeh, Ali Tabatabaei, Jamshid Taheripour, Arefe Tajzadeh, Pourya Taghi Zadeh Abkenari, Hamid Tangestani, Mohsen Talghari Zadeh, Farshad Toomadj, Daniel Thornton, Pourya Taghizadeh-Abkenari, Alireza Vakili, Dariush Vosoughi, Nadji Yaktschali, Ali Yazdani, Ashkan Yazdchi, Hasan Yousefi Ashkevari, Hassan Zahtab, Maliheh Zahtab, Hamid Zanganeh, Hamidreza Zarifinia, Esmaeil Zarghariyan.


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