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Dear peace-loving citizens of Iran,
WAR has once again cast its unbearably heavy shadow over our country! This time, a war far more destructive, far more horrifying than the 8-year-war [Iran-Iraq], the wounds of which are still tormenting our bodies and souls, the financial and emotional tolls of which are still carried by our shoulders.
The war that left us hundreds of thousands killed and wounded; millions homeless; hundreds of cities and villages demolished; one trillion Dollars of financial and ten times more emotional damage!
Today our beloved country is grappling with so much despair, poverty, prostitution, corruption, drug addiction, theft and a class-divided society; all of which are direct results of that war.
So, we shudder when we hear the beating of new war drums …
We want and we must - at all costs – drive the life threatening evil of another diabolic war away from our country.
We want peace and friendship, NOT war and violence. We consider war a curse and not a blessing in any way.
And thus, we intend to launch a “Campaign for Peace and Freedom” as a venue to express our disdain for killing and violence.
We want to tell our government: Enough with actions that foster tension and conflict, violence and destruction; Stop the policies that have resulted in back-breaking sanctions against this nation; Stop the behaviors that are being used as pretext for at least three UN declarations against our people, crushing us under increasing pressures. So that warmongers lose hope, we ask the rulers of Iran to neutralize, suspend, or stop all pretexts for economic sanctions, pressures, and war.
We want to tell the world that Peace, Freedom and Human Rights are our Inalienable Rights.
Our dear compatriots, join this campaign and let us save our country from an irreversible tragedy.

This initiative was started by the following activists who reside in Iran:
*Babak Ahmadi; philosopher, writer and translator
 *Mah-Lagha Ardalan; university professor and political activist  
 *Alireza Jabbari; writer, translator, former political prisoner, member of the Iranian Writers’ Association, and winner of the Hillman-Hammett human rights award
*Ahmad Sadr Haj-Seyed-Javadi; political activist, former political prisoner, former Minister of Justice and Member of Parliament
*Peyman Aref; student activist and former political prisoner
*Mohammad Ali Amooee; political activist and former political prisoner
*Esmaeel Moftizadeh; civil activist
*Mohammad Maleki; political activist and former political prisoner, retired university professor and former president of Tehran University 
*Mohammad Nourizad; Journalist,filmmaker and former political prisoner

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