Defending the Compassionate Prophet by a Criminal Act!

VOF: Regretfully, this year the birthday of the bearer of the message of compassion that awakens humanity’s conscience, coincided with a horrendous crime perpetrated by a gang of ignorant criminals in Paris, France on January 7, 2015.  This gang of amoral criminals were utterly oblivious to the high standards of morals and tolerance that the Prophet exuded, and acted under an illusion of protecting the sanctity of his prophethood by inflicting a devastating blow to the very message his religion exemplifies.
Of course, it is neither prudent nor moral to insult and ridicule the beloved personalities or religion of any nation.  Whereas in western nations even questioning the number of people murdered in the Holocaust is considered an overt act of wanton racism punishable by law, denigrating religious minorities already subjected to other forms of discrimination does not promote peace nor foster community building, and certainly it is not befitting of a civil society.
However, resorting to violence and barbarity to exact justice on the critics of religion are ignorant and immoral acts that are diametrically opposed to Islamic precepts, and are deemed far more abominable and maleficent than the offense itself.  It is through a legal and judicial process and in the presence of a judge, jury and defense attorney that such a case could be addressed.....


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